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  • Alessandra
  • Date Of Birth March 23
  • Birthplace North Haven, CT
  • Residence Colchester, CT
  • Sport Personal Fitness
  • Josh
  • Date Of Birth April 19
  • Birthplace Colchester, CT
  • Residence Colchester, CT
  • Sport Personal Fitness

Alessandra Scutnik

was raised with a passion for fitness. Her mother herself is a fitness professional and both of her parents always encouraged her to lead an active lifestyle. Alessandra took to dance first, but it didn't take long for her to find a place in the personal fitness realm.

Alessandra began coaching group exercise classes at the age of 16, a young age to take on such a big responsibility - but Alessandra knew this was her calling. By the time she turned 19, she had begun coaching individuals on personal fitness. Alessandra attended college at Central Connecticut State University to obtain her Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science and worked as the Fitness Manager there. After graduating Alessandra heard California calling her name, so she packed her bags and went to intern at Fitness Quest 10.

Josh Scutnik

has always had a strong affinity for fitness. Growing up he was a tri-sport athlete. So after high school, Josh decided to take that raw talent and channel it into the health and fitness industry. Making his love for all things fitness grow even greater. At 19 Josh became a personal trainer and started working for commercial gyms in the area.

After graduating from Central Connecticut State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Josh was ready to take on the world. He knew he wanted to move to San Diego ever since visiting his brother while he was stationed there. Josh found work as a personal trainer at a commercial gym in San Diego but found himself longing to start a business of his own.

Even with such similar upbringings in such close vicinity to each other, it took both Alessandra and Josh moving to San Diego, California in 2014 for them to officially meet (rather than just on Facebook). And after they did, it didn't take them long to realize they had something special and their whirlwind romance began. They moved back to Connecticut in 2015 to be closer to their families and were married in 2017.

Alessandra and Josh both knew they wanted to make a bigger impact on the fitness world. After running boot camps together in San Diego they wanted to bring their fitness knowledge to the world. So with their combined over 20 years of experience, they formed SD Evolution and began helping people reach their fitness goals without the gimmicks. When they aren't working Alessandra and Josh spend their time with their boy Kai, and their dog-child Cal. They all love going on ice cream runs together and exploring the great outdoors whenever they can.

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