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  • Date Of Birth September 18, 1984
  • Birthplace Buffalo Grove, IL
  • Residence Crystal Lake, IL
  • Sport UFC® Fighter
    Mixed Martial Artist
Felice Herrig, JUNK Sponsored Athlete

Felice Herrig

Felice "Lil' Bulldog" Herrig, there's a lot to say about this ultimate fighter because this is one athlete who has most certainly won the right to don that title. Felice is a competitor in the Ultimate Fighting Championship® with a background in kickboxing and mixed martial arts, showing that her athletic possibilities are boundless.

It all started for Felice in 2003 when she began kickboxing. Felice took kickboxing by storm, with 31 fights under her belt and multiple titles to go with them she made a name for herself on the circuit. By 2009 she had begun her mixed martial arts career and this excelled her even further as a well-known fighter. All of it leading up to 2013 when she decided to take on the UFC® after the organization opened her division, and since then it's been her main focus competitively.

Felice Herrig, JUNK Sponsored Athlete
Felice Herrig, JUNK Sponsored Athlete

Currently, Felice is recovering from an ACL injury but has goals to train up to come back as strong as ever to the competition. Once she recovers from her injury her main plan is to break back into the top 10 of the UFC® women's strawweight division. When she isn't training she can be found cuddling her cat Dr. Quinn, working on her artwork, or enjoying her favorite candy, Pez.

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