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  • Date Of Birth January 16th
  • Birthplace Washington, DC
  • Residence Portland, OR
  • Profession Doctor
  • Sport Running

Jason L. Campbell, MD MS

a.k.a. The "TikTok Doc" has carried himself through life with one main goal in mind, to go as far as he can so that he can bring others further. And he has gone far.

After earning his bachelor's degree Jason worked for AmeriCorps for a year, tutoring high school students from low-income households in Washington, DC. Jason was a former Division III All-American track and field athlete while at Emory University in 2011, and he graduated from The Ohio State University College of Medicine in 2018. He's also a gifted writer and has been published by the Seattle Times, The Oregonian, and

Jason Campbell, JUNK Sponsored Affiliate
Jason Campbell, JUNK Sponsored Affiliate

More recently Jason has become a household name after going viral on TikTok. Doing popular dances while being fully suited up for a shift on the hospital floor he's brought a bright spot to a world being ravaged by COVID-19. Many of his videos feature other medical professionals, all working on the front lines of the pandemic. Seeing the young doctor stay so positive during such hard times and working to share that positivity with others made it easy for him to dance into the hearts of many. He boasts over 240K followers and over 1.5M likes on TikTok.

Jason is currently a physician resident in the Department of Anesthesiology at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon, and a growing community activist. You can follow him on Twitter at @DRJCoftheDC to see the latest from him or check out his blog at where he tackles issues that range from overcoming adversity to increasing numbers of under-represented minorities in medicine.

Jason Campbell, JUNK Sponsored Affiliate

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