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    Why wear JUNK under helmet?

    • Keep sweat out of your eyes
    • Match your gear
    • Wide variety of colors and styles
    • Stay cool and dry
    • Professional look
    • No helmet hair!

    “The headband is virtually great for all season riding. In hot weather it keeps the sweat from building up and dumping on your face when you aren't expecting it, and cooler weather it's the perfect material to keep the wind off your head and ears. I've also found it's really clutch to have on when you stop for a post ride beer, nobody wants to sit at the bar with their helmet on, or even worse, helmet hair.”

    Dustin Slaughter,
    Mountain Biker, JUNK Brands Ambassador

    Headband Details

    • Moisture wicking
    • Lightweight
    • Comfortable
    • Perfect Fit
    • Stays In Place
    • Antimicrobial