16 Super Smart Reasons Why You Should Wear a Headband

16 Super Smart Reasons Why You Should Wear a Headband

Team JUNK came up with 16 super smart reasons why you should wear a headband. What would you add to the list? 

Graham Holmberg JUNK Brands Sponsored Athlete

1. Keep the sweat at bay. 

You don't need sweat dripping down your face and into your eyes when you're pushing the limits and getting stuff done!


2. Keep those wild locks of hair back.

Fewer distractions (like flyaway hair) means you're better, faster and totally present in the moment.


3. Stay cool.

Moisture wicking fabrics keep your head cool and dry so you can go the distance without overheating...believe us, the headband makes a difference.


4. No more bad hair days.

Helmet hair? Cover that crap up! Throw on a headband after the game, race or training sesh and instantly look put together. 


5. Intimidate your opponent.

Real men wear headbands. It's all about attitude. Rock that headband with swagger and confidence. Your opponent will tremble!


6. Get noticed by recruiters. 

A brightly colored headband is just another way to get noticed on the field. Stand out in the sea of players and get recruited by the best teams.


7. Stand out for safety.

Be visible when you're running on the road or the wooded trail. Neon is the way to go. 


8. Turn pro.

The first step in being a pro is to look like one. Dress the part with a headband that perfectly matches your competitive kit or uniform.


9. Eliminate helmet funk.

Stinky helmet? You need a headband to absorb the sweat and keep the helmet dry. No more shame. 


10. Block the elements.

Headbands provide a functional barrier against cold winds, grit, sand, beating sunshine, bugs that make it under your cycling helmet, etc. JUNK headbands stay on no matter what-- check out the skydiving test!


11. Show your unique style.

We've got a headband for every personality, from the free spirited to the serious competitor. Pick your print, show off your favorite color or demonstrate your patriotism-- whatever floats your boat!


12. Step aside lucky underwear.

JUNK headbands are your new good luck charm. Your favorite headband can be an essential part of your ritual. Get ready to win. 


13. Feel the power.

It's primal. We can't explain why. Just put on a headband and you'll know what we're talking about. What's your spirit animal?


14. Express your mood.

Feeling zen? Or maybe you've had one too many energy drinks and you're on fire! We've got a headband for that.


15. Fuel your inspiration every day.

JUNK designers are constantly coming out with exciting new prints to keep you inspired and energized. Get ready for the compliments. You'll be looking fly with unlimited options every day. 


16. Make a statement without saying a word.

Unicorns, doughnuts, crazy patterns, vibrant colors-- have fun and and show your style with flair!



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Thank you for these amazing reasons that we should wear headbands. I used examples in my argumentive essay for why we should wear headbands in school. These are great and they helped me a lot. Thank you agian.
Justin Scussel from Floyd Dryden Middle School
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Justin Scussel

Wow, this is a reliable source on how great headbands are! I’m in love!

Mia Kernesky

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