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JUNK Artist Series | Adrian Gipson

Adrian Gipson is a teacher and artist who uses his love of art with a scientific twist to pass on the appreciation to the next generation.

Initially inspired by his father, who worked construction, Adrian would watch him eagerly as he unrolled his blueprints and illustrations on the kitchen table for jobs going underway. He would devour the idea that one day these things that were just two-dimensional pictures on his kitchen table would become buildings standing tall in the three-dimensional world. As Adrian puts it, "To have something exist on an invisible plane of existence, to a design, to become a reality.", not only did it teach him to love art, but to have perseverance and to set goals to finish a job - make his dreams a reality.

Adrian became part of the Talented Art Program at an early age in school, first drawing art comics. This was his first dip into the art world as an individual, and his influences quickly began to build on those instilled initially by his father. Artists like Picasso and Van Gogh caught his eye, focusing on concepts like cubism and very early forms of characters. Adrian also found himself drawn to the sketchbooks of Leonardo Davinci. Davinci's drawings like the Vitruvian Man piqued further interest in where art meets science for Adrian, and his true artistic style was born.

Utilizing his chosen medium of painting using mainly acrylics, focusing mixed media on paper, he ties science into his art while making it simple enough for the viewer to understand. It's called biomimicry, and by definition is "the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes.". His collaboration headband highlights this and becomes a wearable example of biomimicry - showing how all of his influences have come together to make something new.

All proceeds from Adrian's collaboration headband will be donated to the organization of his choosing, the Urban League of Louisiana (ULLA). The ULLA has been in operation for over 80 years with a mission to focus programs that ensure quality education and access to information, employment, entrepreneurial, and economic inclusion opportunities, plus shared dignity under the law for low to moderate-income families throughout Louisiana. Adrian is originally from Louisiana, and with strong ties to his home state, his selection of ULLA as his organization is fitting.

Currently, Adrian teaches art and art appreciation classes as early college credit for 9th through 12th graders in Texas. First beginning teaching to pay the bills, he's found it's much more rewarding than expected because he gets to teach the younger generation about his passion. He still works to practice art in his free time and continues to bring his ideas to life.

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