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JUNK Artist Series | Chelsea Nobles

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Chelsea Nobles is an Air Force Staff Sergeant turned artist - after returning home from deployment in Afghanistan, Chelsea knew she would need an outlet to get back into the swing of civilian life. She had to transition from working intensely stressful 12 to 16 hour days overseas and return to the states, learning how to live a "normal life" again as a civilian. That's when art as an outlet came into her life and gave Chelsea a new activity to put her concentration on.

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For ten years, Chelsea served as a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force, specializing as an Intelligence Analyst. She spent six years on active duty and four years in the Air Force Reserves. While in the Reserves, she even moonlighted as a military contractor. After such a long run in the military, Chelsea found it difficult adjusting to the civilian world after returning. As happy as Chelsea was to be back home, she now struggled with anxiety attacks, nightmares, and control issues. Chelseas' PTSD was filling her head with darkness, and she knew that she needed healing.

It was then that Chelsea began exploring different creative outlets. She was dabbling in things like woodworking (getting an entire desk built) and baking (until she found herself indulging in her treats more than creating) before finally finding painting. Her jumping-off point was watercolor painting, but she was really able to find her escape when she started using acrylics. Chelsea had this to say on the experience, "Whenever I felt like I was losing control, I would go into my garage and create. I spent hours in that garage teaching myself through failure and learning to let go of the control. My art became my therapy.", starting her down a road of healing and self-actualization. This is how Chernobles Acrylic Crafts was born, Chernobles being a call back to her Air Force career - the nickname given to her during her service.

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When Chelsea left the Air Force, she knew that she wanted to become an elementary school teacher, that it was her calling. "I felt my only way to get away from the darkness of war was to bring light to the world. I want to do that by helping to create confident brilliant little humans.", Chelsea says. For any viewer, it's apparent that she can emulate these strong feelings through her art with its bright contrasting splashes of color, bringing to life a hope for good in a world that can sometimes be rather dark. Her collaboration headbands mean to spark that feeling in the wearer, adding a dash of brightness to your life.

All profits from Chelsea's collaboration headbands will go to the organization of her choosing, Puppies Behind Bars (PBB). PBB is an organization that works with prison inmates to raise and train service dogs for wounded war veterans and first responders, as well as explosive-detection canines for law enforcement. Chelsea selected PBB because, as a disabled veteran herself, she knows the importance of having the support you need to complete your mission, whether that's out in the field or just getting through the daily grind of life.

Currently, Chelsea is a senior at Louisiana State University (LSU), majoring in elementary education. She is scheduled, with much excitement, to graduate this coming December and has hopes of teaching 2nd or 3rd grade. In her free time, she sneaks out to her garage studio and whips out art pieces to continue contributing dashes of brightness to the world, you can check out more of Chelseas' artwork at Chernobles Acrylic Crafts.

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