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Wrapping up 2022: highlights from the year

We are wrapping up the year, and it feels so good! 

JUNK headbands went big this year

We had 58 Collection releases.

Each collection is unique and ready to flex to your needs. These were your favorite collections.

  1. Fine Art Headbands
  2. Thrash Headbands
  3. Patriotic Headbands
  4. Summer Autumn Seasonal Trend Headbands
  5. Marble Headbands

Bonus: JUNK U Headbands

Of those, there were your favorite individual headbands that launched this year.

  1. Starry Night Headband
  2. Kelcey Kiel: Sunflower Fields Headband
  3. Hokusai Headband
  4. Invisible Headband
  5. Mind Headband
  6. Dark Rainbow Headband
  7. Let’s Gooooo Headband
  8. Holy Cow Headband
  9. Drop Cloth Headband
  10. Pickle Party Headband

Minutes on-site

You spend 165,274 hours checking out our new collections, old, funny, and returning headbands. 

Number of returning users 

53,574 of you came back. 

So many of you love our headbands! You come back, you check out what's new, and you grow your collection as we grow ours. We appreciate you! #JUNKBrands


This year, we began a mission to help improve mind, body, and soul. The JUNK community exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds and banded together to get stronger, faster, and fitter.  

You were relentless.

At The Running Event tradeshow, we brought a board and a polaroid camera and asked you one question, “What are you doing today to better yourself tomorrow?” You did not disappoint. 

This is an activation we are taking to more events this year, and we look forward to everything the community is doing to get moving. 

JUNK Relentless Progress Activation Board at TRE Tradeshow

Thank you to the JUNK Community again for all your support. We can’t wait to show you everything we have for 2023. Follow us on social @JUNKBrands, and check back here for more updates. 

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