• Global Running Day with Rush Running

    Global Running Day with Rush Running

    In the spirit of Global Running Day, we sat down with local shoe guru Mike Rush, founder of Rush Running to talk about his business, what he’s been up to, and how he has continued to build the running community in Northwest Arkansas 
  • Man on bike trials in red bull bike gear, junk headband text reads bikefest preview with Kenny Belaey

    2024 Bike Fest Preview with Kenny Belaey

    We chatted up trial biking legend and Bike Fest founder Kenny Belaey to get all the inside details on the upcoming event and where he is right now.

    Join us for Bike Fest in the Mountain Biking capital of the World. 

  • Corporate team running together, copy says company fitness culture: getting your corporate staff moving

    Company Fitness Culture and Corporate Wellness

    Everyone's got their own routines and dedication levels, and as people come and go, keeping the vibe alive isn't easy. Build slowly and tap into the habits and communities that already exist around your people.  

  • Mother and daughter in a living room, copy says Mother's day buying guide 2024

    Mother’s Day Buying Guide 2024

    What better way to show love to the special moms in our lives than with a gift they can use. Forget the bouquet, give a bouquet of JUNK headbands.  
  • Text reads Pawsitive Wellness: Helping your mental health and more then there are four images of dogs and owners

    Pawsitive Wellness: Helping Your Mental Health and More

    In your fast-paced world, finding solace and comfort is vital for maintaining mental well-being. Many methods exist to navigate stress and anxiety, but there's one furry ally that stands out for its unwavering support – pets.