The magenta background is behind the Magenta headband with a geometric design, the text overlay says move in magenta

Color Discovery | Magenta Collection

Think pink? Not quite. PANTONE’s color of the year is JUNK’s Color Discovery for February. We carefully curated magenta headbands and magenta-themed headbands all in one place. Access them via social media, blog, our home page, or by typing the color in the search bar.

PANTONE claims magenta is “rooted in nature, descending from the red family demonstrating a new signal of strength” and “an unconventional shade for an unconventional time” and “expands our horizons of authenticity.” 

WGSN trend forecasting says wearing more vibrant colors helps you have a better spirit throughout your day. We know colors are linked to our psyche - red gives you energy, speeds up your heart rate, it’s associated with passion. Pink represents love, kindness, and femininity. What does magenta do?

Magenta is not as moody as red. It's more vibrant than just any pink. It evokes feelings of nostalgia but a deeply personal kind. 

We all have an association with magenta, whether it was Blue’s classmate in Blue’s Clues, your Gramma’s favorite sweater, or seeing something in a garden or the sky. 

Magenta hits a twinge in your chest that you can sit in and wonder. It's an exploratory color with many variations. It's a color that encourages us to create. 

As for its unconventionality and seeming to not exist in a ray of light, we’re happy to welcome it to represent our month. For us, magenta is all things adaptable.

A lot of athletes and humans have been living their lives, participating in the workout boom, going through life changes, and finding refuge in their workouts and easy movement. 

What all of us have done is make unconventional work. We’ve overcome. We’ve adapted like crazy, and we look forward to what’s ahead. Here is the magenta headband collection.

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