A strong black male athlete looks into the camera wearing a yellow and blue junk headband, the text overlay says, “Inspired: JUNK and the Black Collection” logo

Inspired | BCA x JUNK

Introducing Black Collection Apparel x JUNK Brands which includes new licensed apparel and high-performance headbands celebrating Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Man standing outside with his HBCU JUNK Headband


HBCUs were established over 100 years ago to provide undergraduate and graduate-level education opportunities to African Americans.  Today, HBCUs remain a source of accomplishments and pride for African American communities and the nation.  These great colleges and universities are crucial to the success of many students who are working toward a bright future.  

“I know firsthand the education one receives at a historically Black College and University.

-- Spike Lee, trailblazing HBCU Alumni of Morehouse College
Man in a graffiti room wearing an HBCU Headband spinning a basketball.

About Willie

Willie Hymon, Founder of Black Collection Apparel, is a graduate of Saint Augustine’s University and North Carolina A&T State University- two HBCUs located in North Carolina. He is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. He created Black Collection Apparel to celebrate HBCU culture and its rich history.  He understands how important HBCUs are to the community and set out to create a high-quality brand that acknowledges HBCU traditions and their vital role in the African American community and American history.  Black Collection Apparel was founded to give people of all races a new avenue to show their support for HBCUs across the country.

After working with JUNK Brands for 3 ½  years, Willie sought an official partnership to deliver new products that HBCU alumni, students, and supporters would love.  

Woman smiling in JUNK's Headband


Willie created an HBCU collection of apparel offering a variety of styles and sizing, quick turnaround, and easy accessibility. 

After Willie saw promotional videos about how we run JUNK, make our headbands, and ship as fast without compromising quality; he recognized, “they’re just like us!” and sought a partnership with JUNK.

JUNK and Black Collection Apparel are in this together. We are both pieces of the puzzle working to support HBCUs. We have learned a lot through this partnership and we are working closely together to create great products for our new audience. 

JUNK believes in the mission of Black Collection Apparel. We believe in being relentless in your progress, body, mind, and soul, while achieving goals to make ourselves and the world a better tomorrow. We welcome all genders and cultures and are in this together for one cause, supporting HBCUs. Including providing great products, participating in fundraisers, as well as Homecoming events. We will continue supporting and becoming part of the HBCUs’ story. 

Woman looking off into the distance in her HBCU BCA Headband

Follow us on social @JUNKBrands and @BlackCollectionApparel, and stay tuned for more from JUNK! 

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