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JUNK How To | Making Small Changes and Big Impacts

We rang in the new year, we got new headbands to wear during our workouts, and we set some nutrition goals to give our life more balance.

Every body is different and has set different goals here at JUNK Brands. Some of us are changing our “diets”. Remember that that word isn’t necessarily just to lose weight. Diet is defined in dictionaries by the things we eat and drink every day!

JUNK Food Headbands on plates. Sushi headband on the top left, then a banana headband with a multicolored background, bottom left is a pink headband with pink blue and green pineapples, then the bottom right is a fruit headband with a blue background.

Tips for more mindful eating

  1. Make small, sustainable changes. If you have sugary coffee, or afternoon soda, swapping one a day or a few a week can make a small step towards progress. Add a fruit or veggie to your meals. Meal plan for the week or start with a few days at a time. This allows for you to be more conscious of what you are eating. 
  2. Eat enough food. Food is fuel. What your body needs varies on your specific dietary restrictions, goals, and exercise levels. A little research goes a long way for your energy and nutrition. 
  3. Indulge now and then. Some people are really good at Hard 75. Sometimes your willpower needs a break. Listen to your body and remember everything in moderation. 
  4. Create healthy habits that serve you. Meal planning isn’t for everyone, but it can be helpful if you struggle with decision fatigue or willpower throughout the week. Adding a vegetable to every meal is great for you, but hard to do for some. Changing one habit at a time and establishing it can help you make a positive change over time.

One small change for our JUNK Brand Communication Manager, Shaina, is eating vegetarian or fish meals for dinner, “The lighter meal helps me sleep better and feel more energized in the morning.” 

Our Social Media Manager, Claire, schedules 30 minutes of movement daily, non-negotiable, as a small part of her training for a triathlon this year. 

Other JUNK team members are practicing fueling their bodies, meal planning, drinking more water, and practicing consistency to reach their goals! 

Conscious and mindful eating is a great shift to help us have a better relationship with food. Shooting for perfection is difficult, so we’re developing healthy habits to fall back on. Our goal is to live healthier lives and to try not to be too hard on ourselves. We know change is a process, and we believe we can establish small habits that build up to big changes over time - you can too. 

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