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Making the Collection | AI-Inspired Headbands

About Artificial Intelligence

We’ve been building machines to help us perform work for a long time. And for a long time, designs were drawn with pen and paper. The development of the fashion industry was based on sketches, and people built clothes based on those sketches and mockups. 

Of course, computers have come a long way, and we utilize design tools, printing tools, and so much more. AI has developed to allow us to use it, in this case, as an idea generator for designs. After discovering and working with AI tools over the past few months, we think of this current generation of AI more as tools than solutions.


JUNKs Design Team planning the AI Headband Collection Base Headbands.

This Collection

We’ve put together this small collection inspired by inputs of some of our most popular existing product names from AI-Generators. One of our claims to fame is those clever and fun names on our headbands. We input many of these names of headbands past into Stable Diffuser 2.1 and AI Art Generator, one being Tactical Black, our #1 best-selling headband. What was generated went into the public domain immediately. 

Choosing the headbands to use as a base for the AI Headband Collection

As a whole, Artificial Intelligence has grown and developed in a lot of fun new ways.

But the outputs from these generators were off-putting, a few with food and animals with extra limbs, and a lot of designs that just didn’t sit right. We think this is because you can’t teach beauty to a computer. It can get a general idea and follow the rules, but what it spits out feels off.

 Tactical Black AI Headband Design Outputs

Michelle making edits to the Tactical Black headband AI Results

Its interpretations were not fully printable objects. We held each result to JUNK design quality and standards, and our designers dedicated to the unique product that upholds the JUNK Brands name developed into something that we can offer and put in line.

Tactical Black and AI Headband Side-by-side in the JUNK design process.

Who These Headbands are For

We believe these AI-Inspired headbands are for our athletes and JUNK community members interested in AI, people who like the designs, and those who welcome change and opportunity. 

These AI Headbands represent those with growth mindsets of individuals ready to make a change, ready to embrace the future while still making it their own. 

Michelle choosing the final designs and comparing the headband results side by side.

AI Output versus Designer Touch 

We bring you this collection as a sample of dipping our toe into the AI world to inspire our designs. Our skilled designers touched these designs to bring an artful element to the headbands. We put our JUNK twist of colors and patterns, a sprinkle of quirky, and a dash of hardcore to make them suitable for wear. We hold our designs up to a certain standard to make sure we deliver quality that equals the quality of the make of the headband itself.

Check out the full collection here! Follow us here and on social for updates and all the latest from JUNK Brands. 


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I just want to thank you guys for making such a great product that I continue to buy! I have a total of 372 right now and it’s still growing slowly but surely! Keep up the great work and can’t wait to see the new and fun designs you guys come up with this year!


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