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JUNK January Round-Up

We’re bringing you a round-up of industry news, movement encouragement, and seasonal headband options. We’re covering The Open, running season, exercising with your kids and family, and basketball season headbands.

The CrossFit Open Prep

Cross-functional fitness gyms around the world are prepping for the yearly winter battle that is The Open. While if you want to register a team in the affiliate cup, you have to be registered at an affiliate CrossFit gym. If you are an individual, you can record and upload your workouts or find a certified CrossFit judge. Here’s some more info from the Morning Chalk Up if you’re new to the industry. 

Man running in neighborhood wearing black tank top and JUNK Headband

Marathon Season

Most runners participate in marathons between August and December. But what does marathon season mean? If you’re an athlete, your competitive season is your race or your game schedule, but you don’t take all the time off between seasons. Here in Northwest Arkansas, along with new year's resolutions, many local fitness fanatics began their run training in January (or before), leading up to the Bentonville Half Marathon in April. 

Training for these events takes time and a lot of miles. These dedicated athletes are running in the cold temperatures of January until the sun makes more of an effort to warm us up post-Spring. 

Moving with your kids

It's been proven time and time again that health gets better with movement. We know we should move, and we know our kids should move, so why not make it an event? A bonding experience! 

Think of teaching your youngest to ride a bike, taking them to ballet lessons, or bringing them to a kid-friendly cross-functional fitness class. Exercising with your kids helps them learn healthy habits and benefits their growth and overall health
Moving with a partner or someone you love makes working out more fun, gives us accountability, and lets you spend quality time together. Why not make movement with your kids part of your routine? 

(In season) Basketball Headbands

Any headband can help you elevate and focus on the field or the court. We have a few options to meet your basketball season needs, including gear from your favorite college basketball teams.


We built these headbands for basketball players. Whether you’re the high school point guard or playing a pickup game at the Y, ball with focus and look good doing it. At just 2 inches tall, it does the trick and shows off some individuality but isn’t in your way.

Woman holds basketball towards the camera with baller headband onThin Band

Looking to stand out? Looking for some smaller details to do that? The thin band lets you hold back your hair, make a statement, and play your best. 

Big Bang Lite

The Big Bang Lite is our best-selling style with the most variety and personality. These are wider, but you can scrunch them or fold them in half. 

Why not have one of each? 

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