• Toadavation with Billy Cvecko

    Toadavation with Billy Cvecko

    What does the ToadLyfe mean? Billy has a few quotes to live by and a few key people that embrace the ToadLyfe with him. All say something similar: finding joy in running, being present in the moment, and spreading smiles every day.   
  • Retailer Highlight | True Grit Running Company

    Retailer Highlight | True Grit Running Company

    Melissa Vitale was working in the back room of her running store, True Grit Running Co., when an employee, Drew, came running back to report that a car had just crashed through her store. They re-opened just two days later.
  • How To | Box Jump

    How To | Box Jump

    What it strengthens  Box jumps strengthen quadriceps, gastrocnemius and soleus, hamstrings, gluteus maximum, abductors, adductors, and your core.    Why it's Actually Great Murph Prep  It is a plyometric exercise, which requires your muscles to exert all the effort they...

  • JUNK January Round-Up

    JUNK January Round-Up

    We’re bringing you a round-up of industry news, movement encouragement, and seasonal headband options. We’re covering The Open, running season, exercising with your kids and family, and basketball season headbands. The CrossFit Open Prep Cross-functional fitness gyms around the world...