Prepare Mind, Body, and Soul for Back to School

Prepare Mind, Body, and Soul for Back to School

Everyone is heading back to school including all the wonderful educators and administrators that make the school year happen for our kids.  

Ms. Hailey Smith is a dear friend of JUNK’s and teaches at Elkins Middle School. She taught 6th grade for 6 years and then became the Media Specialist. She began incorporating the gym into her routine three years ago and is happier and healthier than she has ever been.  

How do you prep physically and mentally? 

Back to School Quote 1:  It's all about planning. School can be mentally and physically draining, so making sure I get that gym time gives me a little slice of peace. When school starts, I really try to plan out my physical routine each week.
Even with a busy schedule, Hailey sets aside time, does her best, and allows herself some grace.

Is there a preparation or change in your routine? 

Meal prepping is a priority for her and she says her snacking habits are worse than her meal time habits. 

Back to school quote 2: If I don’t, [prepare healthy snacks] those ‘easy to reach’ chips and cookies call to me like a siren calling to sailors at sea. Also, like I said before, map out a physical routine and stick to it.


Why is it important for you to show up the best for your students? 

Back to School 3: Kids can always sense their teachers' attitudes. Whether you're meaning to or not, they can more or less read how you are feeling. Knowing that, I try to make an effort to give them my best self each day.

Hailey said giving herself gym time is crucial to having a good attitude. You can never tell what students are going through but she can control that they feel important and seen in her class, “By showing up for myself, I can show up for them.” 

She even hit the gym before going to her back-to-school training!  

Back To School with Hailey Smith, in a JUNK Headband, in her classroom and at the gym!


What is your favorite workout? 

Weight conditioning! Double-unders and burpees are her jam. She struggled with conditioning in the beginning, but they are now her favorite set up!  


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