• Stories About CrossFit | The Wright Family

    The Wright family is a shining example of the saying, the family that trains together, stays together, they're a fit family whose involvement in CrossFit training and competitions has created a common interest that's brought them closer together. JUNK got the opportunity to ask them some in-depth questions on their personal CrossFit journeys and get some insight on what it means to compete as a family.
  • Image of Dacia Idom holding a camera like she is taking the photo, there is a stool behind her and white background. Text reads Artist series – Dacia Idom.

    JUNK Artist Series | Dacia Idom

    Dacia Idom is an artist and social activist that uses her poetry and photography to get people feeling, thinking, and to drive her subject matter home to instill a lasting impression long after the viewer has walked away. And her subject matter of choice? Telling the stories of Black Americans and shedding light on the injustices committed against them.
  • Image of artist Adrian Gipson with glasses smiling in a collared shirt with text that reads “artist series, Adrian Gipson”

    JUNK Artist Series | Adrian Gipson

    Adrian Gipson is a teacher and artist who uses his love of art with a scientific twist to pass on the appreciation to the next generation. Get to know Adrian and see how he blends together the world of art and science to create something entirely new! And experience how his art translates to the world of athletic wear. 
  • Image says “Marvel headbands” and shows 6 athletes in victory formation all in various athletic poses with marvel

    JUNK + Marvel | Marvel Hero Elite Series

    JUNK Brands has joined forces with Marvel to deliver all new headbands as a part of the Marvel Hero Elite Series, a collection of performance products inspired by Marvel’s iconic characters and featuring both Super Heroes and villains alike!
  • Text overlays image of Christine Kole journaling with black spark sketches in the corners. The text says “healthy mind, healthy body, Christine Kole Q&A”

    Healthy Mind, Healthy Body | Christine Kole Q&A

    Sometimes it's easy for us to forget that our mental health and our physical health go hand in hand - you can't have one without the other. We got a chance to ask Christine Kole, a JUNK athlete and pro CrossFitter, how she keeps up with her mental health while also working towards her athletic goals. Here's what she had to say!