Free JUNK Brands Face Masks for Medical Staff in Response to COVID-19

Free JUNK Brands Face Masks for Medical Staff in Response to COVID-19

JUNK Brands wants to give back to all those medical personnel serving on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, starting this week we’ll be giving out free face masks to medical staff in the Northwest Arkansas area made from our Borean Technical Fabric! We will be converting production lines in order to create the masks to try and help alleviate the need for face masks where we can.

Medical staff and centers can request their no cost face masks by clicking here. We’ll distribute masks as they’re requested, and we will try our best to reach everyone but will begin servicing those living in the NWA area first. JUNK Brands has the highest respect for those working to help our nation get back to healthy, we want to say thank you and help in any way we can!


Please Note: These are fabric masks NOT N95.

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We are need more mask for our department at OCH. We recieved some from you and loved them.

Tessa Kelsheimer

Thank you so much for giving back to us front line workers. We risk our lives to save your life and we are proud of what we do.

Sherry Carmon

My husband is a doctor. I’d like a man mask also a girl mask for myself, a nurse. We are in a smaller area but like everyone else supplies are limited.

Loti Kirkpatrick

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