Man on bike trials in red bull bike gear, junk headband text reads bikefest preview with Kenny Belaey

2024 Bike Fest Preview with Kenny Belaey

Dive into the excitement of Bike Fest, where the thrill of biking is celebrated in every jump and turn! We chatted up trial biking legend and Bike Fest founder Kenny Belaey to get all the inside details on the upcoming event and where he is right now. Check it out.  

Tons of events span May 23 – 26 with fun for the whole family and every level of bicyclist. Check out all the events and get your tickets here. 


With JUNK Brands, every maneuver is a testament to what it means to live boldly, and every challenge is a chance to showcase your grit. We can't wait to see you there! 


Join us for Bike Fest in the Mountain Biking capital of the World. Follow our socials to hear about specials and upcoming events.  



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