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Company Fitness Culture and Corporate Wellness

How JUNK does it  

JUNK has former four-sport high school athletes, experimenters, highly dedicated cross functional fitters, mountain bikers, and all-around avid outdoors people under one roof. You'd think building a killer fitness culture at work would be a no-brainer, right? Turns out, it's a grind. Everyone's got their own routines and dedication levels, and as people come and go, keeping the vibe alive isn't easy. 

We kicked things off with a monthly yoga sesh led by our partnership manager. The sessions don’t require a mat or even yoga pants. Then, we leveled up to weekly company walks every Wednesday. Then, one week a year, our employee experience team puts together activities, snacks, and volunteer opportunities for us to experience wellness together.  

A lot of getting your teams moving is tapping into the vibes and tribes that already exist around your people.  

Getting your corporate staff moving  

If you want to get your corporate crew off their butts and into action, light a fire under them. 

Start a company walking crew 

An easy way to get this going? Drop a message in the group chat and take charge of the walk. Plan your route or decide on a turnaround spot to keep things on track timewise. Got distance goals? Set the pace! 
Not up for leading the pack? Suggest a leisurely stroll around the block or a campus jaunt to hash out stuff that could've been an email. Face-to-face meetings are killer for problem-solving. 

Running groups   

It’s quite possible that you already have team members interested in running. Reach out to someone on your staff you know that loves to run. Ask if they're down to coach newbie runners or rally the team for a local 5k for a cause. 

We're tight with Run Bentonville and we have several staff members that run the half marathon and other various distance races they have throughout the year. We bring the hype, set up hydration stations, and rep whatever theme they throw at us. It's all about backing our squad on their fitness journey! 

Company and gym partnerships 

Lots of local gyms and even some chain fitness centers offer corporate partnerships. This might take some finagling because costs vary so it’s a little more difficult but if fitness is important to you and your staff, it’s worth the consideration. 

Host a company fitness challenge 

Companies have opportunities to partner with organizations like Blue and You Fitness Challenge, some companies create their own. Offer incentives like early outs, custom team headbands, or jeans days for winning teams or individuals who go above and beyond.  


In Office Upgrades 

Consider planning a walk and talk meeting. If you have a one on one planned, make it a literal stand up or walking meeting and ensure you get right to the point.  

We were on a break! 

Encourage your squad to step outside, take the scenic route to their next meeting, and shake off that sitting slump with mini breaks. Our Apple watches are all about those stand goals, and for good reason. Break free from that desk dungeon every 30 minutes and keep those creative juices flowing! 

Elevate those desks 

Implement standing desks, ergonomic chairs that encourage posture, or allow exercise balls for desk chairs. Boost circulation, amp up that brainpower, and keep your team firing on all cylinders. 

Healthy desks can also include stocking healthy snacks. Toss the notorious office candy. Think dried fruit, snack packs, and other guilt-free munchies to keep your crew fueled and focused. It's all about setting the stage for success, one healthy desk at a time! 


In a nutshell, it's all about crafting a workplace vibe that's as energized as a championship game. From kick-starting company walking crews to rallying the team for epic runs, we're all about harnessing the power of community and movement.  

Throw in some game-changing office hacks like walk-and-talk meetings and standing desks, and you've got a recipe for success that'll have your squad firing on all cylinders.  

Lace up those sneakers, break out the healthy snacks, and keep the momentum rolling. Together, we're not just building a fitness culture – we're forging a tribe that's unstoppable, on and off the clock. Let's go, team! 


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