How To | Recipes to Excite Healthy Eating 

How To | Recipes to Excite Healthy Eating 

We rallied around the office to gather all the recipes we love that keep us motivated and eating healthy. We set goals, we celebrate when we meet them, and we reset when we fail. So here are the recipes from our JUNK team to give you some ideas and get excited about eating healthy! 


PBFit Peanut Butter Pancakes 

This recipe could be altered if you don’t have all the ingredients to still be a healthier take on a peanut butter pancake recipe. 

Christina said, “Pancakes are one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I love all things peanut butter, and this gives me a way to satisfy both my peanut butter craving and sweet tooth craving. Each serving is only a little over 200 calories and provides 14 grams of protein, so I appreciate that aspect as well!” 


Best Twists on Salads 

Take a head of romaine lettuce, cut it up and serve it chilled. Make it your own! Make it fun! They are the most adaptable to all food allergies or diet restrictions.  

Salad with lettuce, tomato, steak, cashews


Roasted Cauliflower and Lentil Tacos  

One of our JUNK designers, Kyle, loves this recipe because it’s quick and easy to prep for the week. Lentils are a great source of protein, and he crisps up the cauliflower in the air fryer.  

Healthy Lentil Tacos on a black background


Keto Meatballs 

Our Content Marketer Veronica, well, it’s me, hi! I love this meatball recipe and switch up the recipe to make sriracha meatballs, spaghetti and meatballs, Swedish meatballs, the list goes on! It’s a high-protein high-fat recipe that’s delicious and makes me excited to cook and eat dinner!  

Meatballs in marinara sauce


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