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JUNK How To | How To Burpee

In cross-functional fitness, there are many forms of the burpee. There is bar over burpees, bar-facing burpees, burpee box jumps, burpees in conjunction with fitness worms, and more. They can be combined with any movement and likely will be. 

Two men wearing big bang lite headbandsBurpees are a great option for making any workout more intense because they work every part of your body. Your arms, your core, your legs, and your lungs are all burning once you get past 10, for whatever reason. It's brutal and all body weight, unless it’s of course paired with another movement - don’t forget devil press, burpee with dumbbells, and jump up to push those over your head.

We have a good time. They are a great addition to any at-home workout or circuit to help you build aerobic capacity and burn calories.

Tips on doing your burpees correctly:

  • Squat. Follow the rules on good squatting, and you’ll help prevent injury.
  • Put your hands on the ground.
  • Kick your legs back behind you. Sometimes it is easier to keep your feet apart versus trying to put them together. If you are “scaling” your workout, you may step back. You should be in the push-up position.
  • Throw your chest on the ground. Or chaturanga/pushup your chest and thighs down to the ground.
  • As fast as you can, push up and jump your legs back up to a squat. (If you are “scaling", you may step back up)
  • Launch your body into the air. Sometimes we clap. Cross-functional fitness standards require your hip and knees to be fully extended and your arms to extend over the head.


Man jumping after doing a burpee

The more precise, the better. Don’t get too tense, you just want to have control over the movement. Engaging your core and quads can help prevent you from bruising your knees. It’s also highly recommended that you just keep moving. A sturdy no-slip headband is helpful, too, to keep the sweat out of your eyes and your hair out of your face.

What you put in is what you get out, but when you just have what you have, it's all part of making those small changes and doing things to make yourself better tomorrow. 


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