Text overlay shows an ipad with the design of the blue swirly headband that says Making the Collection, on the right are three other designs

Making The Collection | Fluid Abstracts

Where it started 

We pull a lot from the Worth Global Style Network (WGSN) to find what’s trending. We examine what our audience loves, and we create collections we are passionate about. It all starts with those basics and bleeds into the development and process of the headbands. We choose the best ones from our efforts. 

 Michelle working in Adobe and with WGSN to create the headband design for fluid abstracts.

Persistence: Water Inspired 

Be consistent. Be persistent. Show up.  

Where are our consistency gurus at? No matter what you’ve gone through, or where you’ve been, you value consistency. You often think about the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River carving through it over time. You love to count macros and hit them every day and you still feel like a boss every time you do. You go in on the good days, and you go in on the bad days.  

These cool colors represent you because you are as cool as a cucumber. You’re intuitive, a good listener, and benefit emotionally from workouts in a less intense way. 

If you want to be more consistent and become water inspired: Build habits. Add to your routine or replace unhealthy ones. Fight through setbacks. Motivate yourself with a new headband. 

Infinitesimal Big Bang Lite Headband
Infinitesimal Flex Tie Headband
Oceania Big Bang Lite Headband
Oceania Flex Tie Headband
Wirligig Big Bang Lite Headband

Passion: Heat inspired 

If you’re in the gym fighting your inner demons or if the pump-up music gets you going. If you feel strongly about your protein intake. You think about volcanos and the strength of fire. If you love to push until failure... have got headbands for you.  

These lava-hot headbands highlight the passion and fire that lives within you that comes out when you get in the zone. You’re spontaneous, creative, and courageous. 

If you want to be more passionate about your workouts, set goals. Don’t do too much too fast. Pick a plan that works. Pick movements that you enjoy. Increase your stamina and strength and motivate yourself with a heat inspired headband. 

Mind Waves Big Bang Lite
Mind Waves Flex Tie
Adrenaline Rush Big Bang Lite
Melted Crayon Big Bang Lite Headband

Our Designer Kaley striking a pose with the fluid abstract headbands

No matter if you are fire or water, get moving, get motivated. Check out the collection (and more) here!

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