Recapping the Thrills: CrossFit Games and Bike-a-Palooza 2023

Recapping the Thrills: CrossFit Games and Bike-a-Palooza 2023

CrossFit Games  

We were so excited to have a booth in vendor village at The Games this year. We took our wheel and athletes and spectators could spin for deals at the booth. 

“Our favorite part of these events is meeting all the JUNKies who have tons of headbands and come by to buy 5 or 10 more each year,” said Christina Scoggins, JUNK’s Business Development Associate.   

Headbands People Loved 

We took a limited edition to the CrossFit Games this year and sold every single one of them. The classic Tactical Black was a top seller as always, Punisher, and Beautiful Dreamer. Everyone also loved the new Gridiron collection 

CrossFit Round Up Photos left image, woman does a handstand while others hold her legs, middle photo woman leans against a table with a JUNK Headband on, right photo is three boys in junk headbands making muscle poses



Claire, our Social Media Coordinator, and Shaina, our JUNK Brand Communication Manager, took on Bike-a-Palooza in downtown Springdale, Arkansas on August 20. 

This event is presented by The NWA Cycling Community and they raise money for Pedal it Forward NWA, an organization that helps people in the community have access to bikes.  

NWA’s Bike-a-Palooza raised enough to supply 555 kids in NWA with a bike. There were 600 paid spots, and people from 11 states. Local clubs also participated, and it was great to see everyone there.  

Left image, two women pose near the JUNK booth, middle image shows event, right image is woman participating in bike event


Tactical Black 

Punisher: Oversized Logo 

Beautiful Dreamer 

Kelsey Kiel: Sunflower Fields 


Winter Blooms 

White Noise 

Never Surrender 


Lavender Quartz 

Wonder Woman: Diane 


Christine Kole: Groovy Checkers  

Stormy Skies 

Yo Ho 



4 Things JUNK Did In June 

Inspired by Kelsey Kiel 

Be a Shark in the Gym 

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